Meet Thomas Shelby


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Jun 5, 2022
When i came to this city it was to start over because i lost my near and dear ones to people who i couldnt identify in time and they got to my family first and bad things happened.
Not able to live with the guilt that i failed my family and friends i vowed to myself to do everything and anything to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again.
The people who took my family and friends away got the way of justice but i couldn't live in a place that reminded and haunted me with their memories.
Thats why i have come to Los santos looking for a fresh start and to honor the vow i made to myself to not let anyone go through the same.

Law enforcement and i have worked as protective details for VIP and that was the last job i had after which i moved

The names Thomas Shelby
Born on 4th jan 1988
I am from the US
My Dad was in the Police he retired and mom was a teacher
I grew up in a Modest home and did a course and got in to the Police just like my old man.
I exceled at navigating terrain and team co ordination as i was almost always the one behind the wheel.
Things were going the way you expect them to go in the precinct and then i get a call that my pops had mishap and been admitted into the hospital
Since my mom was also almost retiring and my dad was going to retire the next year i decided to quit the Police and get a job close to home where i can take care of my family.
After quitting the PD to pay attention more to my parents i was offered a job by a security company that runs Secure escorts for VIPs named cerberus .
As it was a job i did back in the Police i happily accepted
A few years go by and my pops has retired and enjoys watching foot ball and F1 on the TV while my mum loves knitting while i am run escorts for VIP
By this point due to excellent performance i have been given my own team and made leader of that
One day i get an assignment on a guy who owns a huge company by the name PYM Tech they specialised in cutting edge military gear.
We are given info that there is a group by the name South side serpents that has been sending threats to the CEO.
So we do what any Security manager would do doubled all security round the clock but little did we know the south side is not just any group
We were on our way with the ceo to a conference and one of our decoy vehicles broke down even after insisting to delay the conference the ceo refused so we went anyway
I was behind the wheel and noticed that the planned route was blocked off by construction work which was not called before hand
My suspicion grew but i shrugged it off and continued onto the diversion. After a few mins of the diversion i got a radio that the follow car aka team car in which all the crew were there spotted a
a follow which in my line of work is bad news i radioed back saying to buckle up and not shoot as we we not on the main highway and couldn't afford a gun fight as there were buildings with civilians on either side of us
The moment i see an opening i took it and i radioed back the car to follow me but the follower had fired an Rpg at us but the team car took the hit in order to keep the ceo safe.
At this point i knew i had to drive as fast as i could as i was out gunned so i hit it and went for it.
But the car was fired upon since the glass was bullet proof we didnt get hit by a bullet but there was second car that hit us off the road which was merging on to a highway due to which the ceo died on the spot.
I got out of the car and luckyly my partner and i were covered by the wreckage out of from where we could defend ourselves in the time it took the police to arrive i killed atleast 3 people and my partner killed 4
The police came and the other guys ran.
After we were taken to the precinct and they got our statement we were told that the people we killed were key family members of the cobra crime syndicate which the police had been searching for months.
the police did not inform us about how dangerous the south side gang is and told us that the perps we encountered were the heads and no one was left in south side gang and we had nothing to worry
Glad that I was safe but sad because my team had to take a hit for mission objective i went to their funeral to give their family my condolences
After all the things settled and i recovered i went back to work nothing was the same i had never lost a team member not in the army and not here before this incident
I opened up my mail to find a mail saying the south side serpents will strike you and never know how upon reading this i rushed to my partner who was just entering the office and he also received the same email
since we knew that the South side knew our names and identity we rushed to our houses but i insisted we don't go alone so i went to his house first only to find that his mom dad and sister weren't there
So we informed the local PD and went to my house that where i seen my house on fire and fire brigades were there but couldn't in time save my family in time.
They both died that day or so i thought. Sadly i had no time to waste since my partners parents were missing we were conducting our own research when we got an email that your families are not dead with that attached a photo of both our families|
It contained a location and warning to come alone so we went there only to get knocked out and tied up.
When we regained consciousness we were confronted by the only heir to the South side gang who put a bullet in my moms and dads head and killed them and my partner right in front of me by the time he went to shoot my partners parents with the same revolver he used to kill my parents since he had to reload it delayed it slightly
By the time he could pull the trigger the swat teams sniper shot him
Where did he come from you ask know this i am a man prepared for every possibility and i had my backup. I had swallowed a tracer that my company used for ceos during critical ops and given to the PD captain who issued the Swat
Unfortunately they didn't make it in time and everyone i loved died that night but me.
Turns out the officer who took my statement was working for south side and gave him intel on me and my partner
He was put behind bars but all of this that happened broke me completely and i vowed myself to never let anything like that happen again
But I couldn't look at my house or its surroundings the same as memories would come back rushing to me and put me into a emotional state so i decided to leave the past and get a new start
Somewhere i can make a difference So i came to LOS Santos heard its a place of opportunities a perfect place to start