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Apr 22, 2022
NOTICE: With our servers being under continued development, our rules are going to constantly be changed to fit the needs of the community. Our rules are here to be followed as guidelines, to make sure everyone in the community has a fair and fun time. It is required that you read the rules below and fully understand them before playing.

Staff reserve the right to remove anyone at any given time with or without providing evidence. Staff will always prioritize Roleplay over “Ruleplay”.

Here at Legacy Roleplay India, we strive to be unique from other servers and have a high standard of roleplay. Everyone follows the rules, including the staff.

It is important to understand that even though a rule isn’t specifically written for certain actions, it might still be punishable. However, if you feel like you have been wrongly banned, refer to our ban appeal form located here on our forums.


Table of Contents
1. Community Rules
2. General Rules
3. Roleplay Rules
4. Criminal Roleplay

1. Community Rules

Legacy Roleplay India is a community that generally consists of individuals over the age of 18, however, this does not mean you cannot play within our community. We respect and recognize all ages of people that are in our community.

(1.1) Bullying, Harassment, or Targeting is punished with a permanent ban without appeal.

(1.2) The Staff Team reserves the right to ban any person from our servers at any time if they are found to be disruptive, or if we have a valid reason to think that they are here to be disruptive.

(1.3) You are to always have and be able to use a microphone while playing on our servers. You must always speak the native language of the server you're currently connected to. Example: Legacy Roleplay India is a Hindi/English-speaking server where everyone must speak Hindi or English at all times.

(1.4) Any form of discrimination, racism, or sexism is punished with a permanent ban without appeal. Racist slurs are not welcomed regardless of what context you say them in. Rape Roleplay or vulgar language/actions are not tolerated.

(1.5) Any modifications and/or exploits that change the functionality of the game or change how our systems/scripts work (also known as modding and scripting) are strictly prohibited on our servers. Examples of exploits include spawning objects, money, transferring money between your own characters, taking vehicles in/out of a garage to repair visual damage, buying multiple (more than one) weazel news vans for storage, using third party programs for personal crosshairs, etc.

(1.6) Normal swearing is allowed even when you are in a roleplay. Words that can be considered derogatory will not be tolerated in any way regardless if you feel you have the right to use them. This includes slang for sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc.

(1.7) Ban evasion is not allowed. This means that, after being banned, you may not play on other accounts to get around the ban or attempt anything to evade your ban.

(1.8) Any threats made against any member of the community are not tolerated or Creating toxicity or spreading hate speech. Threats include but are not limited to doxxing, ddosing, etc. This is punishable by an OPFW ban. We will assist the police with any inquiries.

(1.9) Encouraging or forcing or participating other members of the community to break rules is strictly prohibited and will share the consequence.

(1.10) Providing false information such as your age when applying for a position/job on our servers or when asked by a staff member is not allowed. Keep in mind that staff will never ask you to provide your full name, address, or any information that is personal. NEVER provide this type of information regardless of who asks.

(1.11) Trading real-life items for any in-game luxury is not allowed. FiveM strictly prohibits this and you will be permanently banned without appeal. Donations/support made to cover server costs is the only FiveM exemption to this rule & and while leaving server just donating you stuff which not an RP..

(1.12) You may not advertise other communities through Legacy Roleplay, nor should you advertise any products, services, or accounts for personal gain unless relevant to the server itself. A ban will be issued through the respective channel (e.g LegacyRP Discord) that you were using to advertise.

(1.13) You may not use ANY 3rd party communications, with other people currently in Legacy Roleplay servers, whilst in the server yourself. This classifies as metagaming. 3rd party communication programs include but are not limited to Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, etc.

2. General Rules

Vehicle Deathmatch (also known as VDM) is strictly prohibited. At Legacy Roleplay, we define VDM as the act or effort of intentionally using a vehicle to kill or injure other persons, or, where a player kills another person, without intent, by reckless performance under circumstances where any sane individual would understand that such performance could beyond reasonable doubt result in the death of another person.

(2.1.1) An act in which a person uses his vehicle as a weapon in order to protect his own life from any direct or immediate threat, will not be considered VDM. A direct or immediate threat in this section is defined as any individual who actively attempts to take your life at the moment. If a person who attempts to kill you, but falls short of completing the act, tries to flee the scene, he is no longer considered a direct threat to your life.

(2.2) Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) is the act of killing/downing somebody without first engaging in quality roleplay. The mentioned roleplay should always include directly initiating on somebody’s life or having your own life initiated on. Police turning on their sirens does not count as initiation, so you cannot shoot if they attempt to pull you over without initiating yourself first.

(2.2.1) You must give people an incentive and enough time to comply with your orders. We do not consider quick countdowns quality roleplay. For example, saying “3, 2, 1” and then shooting someone will be classed as RDM.

(2.2.2) When You Take Bounty for anyone make Sure your other party is aware of your situation or it will consider as RDM.

Recently we’ve had a change of view from the staff team regarding the question of “at what point can you shoot someone?”. Can you shoot someone when they point a gun at you? Can you shoot someone if they threaten you?

I point you at the rule below.

(2.2.3) Killing someone must be carried out with high quality roleplay, “put your hands up or I will shoot” etc is considered low quality RP and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. Executing another player must also be carried out with high quality roleplay, the only exception to this rule is if both you and the victim are engaged in a gunfight together.

Today the staff team is clarifying it’s interpretation of this rule and the way we deal with reports for RDM/Fail RP.

The answer you will now receive to questions like “at what point can I shoot?” “Can I shoot him if he does X?” will be, have you engaged in high quality roleplay before you shot him?

We will not give a black and white definition of when you can shoot someone, you need to ensure you engage in roleplay of a high quality before you shoot someone. Nor will we give you an example of the minimum.

We have listened to your concerns, we have seen the incidents and we want the standard of RP to increase server wide and we want to help everyone to learn how to do that instead of banning for breaking of black and white unwritten rules.

My best advice is make your roleplay as interesting as you can, instead of running up to that guy you want to rob and telling him immediately to put his hands up give him a bit more, ask him what he’s up to, make a comment about this truck or his lovely pair of sunglasses.


Then I wrote this post and we discussed 'Who is allowed to shoot'?:
Upon many requests from the community we'll now discuss 'Who are you allowed to shoot?"

"Who are you allowed to shoot?"

You've reached the course of your excellent and tense roleplay scenario, the bullets are flying and the gloves are off. A guy drives past in a car, can you shoot him? A guy points a gun at you, can you shoot him? Here's the official guidance of the Legacy staff team to put these questions to bed.

'As a rule, you may only shoot those who you know are directly involved in the course of roleplay leading up to the fight. Unless they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The person has been seen with a visible weapon either on their back or in their hands (this does not include holstered pistols) in the immediate vicinity of the gunfight.
  • The person is assisting the opposition by attempting to provide medical aid, dragging them to safety or by trying to secure their assets or vehicles.
  • The person is interfering in the gunfight such as stealing the vehicle which both sides are fighting for, attempting to capture or rob someone involved in the gunfight.
If the person does not meet any of the three criteria items above you must provide some form of roleplay to warn them to leave, that a gunfight is on-going and their continued presence will put their life in danger making it very clear they should leave. If they fail to heed your warnings, they are fair game."

Be prepared to defend your decisions if the reason you have killed the person is 'borderline' or 'iffy' and provide evidence to back up your claims that they were seen with a weapon etc, killing some random person driving past because they were seen 30 mins ago with a weapon would be a weak claim and will require you to back up your claims or face punishment. If in doubt, ensure you have good reason to shoot.

This guidance and ruling is to ensure entire areas do not become instant redoznes as soon as a gunfight starts, new players should not be shot on sight because they are unaware of what's going on, that's not roleplay. This rule also provides protection to those in a gunfight from people trolling or hiding behind the protection of "I don't have a gun, you can't shoot me". Tell them to sod off, if they fail to listen then they'll face the consequences.

Fear RP is not allowed. This means that you are to value your life at all times and act accordingly in different situations. Holding a gun to someone’s head does not necessarily make you the most powerful person in the room. For example, if you try to hold up an armed cop with multiple units around them, they are less than likely to comply with orders that you give and you may well end up dead.

(2.4) Metagaming is not allowed. Metagaming is taking any action within the server based on any information gained outside the server. Examples are: Mixing memories from 2 different characters, stream sniping, and identifying people in the server based on any identifiable information outside the server.

(2.5) Logging/exiting the game during any roleplay situation is considered exploitation. Some examples of this would be: logging out during a firefight, being involved with police in any situation, while down awaiting a medic, exiting to prevent loss of inventory, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained, etc. We are aware of common crashes, connection issues, etc., however, this is clearly reflected in the logs and staff will make an informed decision on whether you’ve tried to resolve the issue by, for example, logging back on.

(2.6) Trolling/baiting is the deliberate act of performing certain actions to provoke a reaction. We have a very clear list of what we consider trolling, but we advise using common sense as trolling is a very broad subject, and it is not practical to list everything. We consider the following trolling: running around people who are trying to roleplay, throwing yourself in front of vehicles, blocking people with your car without RP, jumping off buildings, bombarding people with messages, and playing soundboards/voice changers in-game without RP and in our discord channels. Depending on the severity, a violation of this rule could lead to a permanent ban without appeal.

(2.7) Powergaming is strictly prohibited. This is when you aim to maximize progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling (roleplay) and atmosphere. Examples are: Completely restricting a person’s ability to interact with the environment or situation. Shooting through the back of a car that has no rear winadow. Forcing someone to do something that permanently removes their ability to speak or move.

(2.8) Fail-RP is the act of failing to roleplay realistically and/or deliberately avoiding roleplay. When playing, it is important to keep realistic capabilities for yourself. Examples would be robbing a bank and leaving before cops arrive, crashing your vehicle and moving as if you're unharmed, claiming to have superpowers, or identifying people in a way that is impossible/impractical.

(2.8.1) All heists should have a proper plan behind them. For example, providing little to no chase and then engaging in a shoot-out or sending it into the water would be considered no intention to roleplay.

(2.8.2) After getting treated by Pillbox you are not allowed to indulge in any shooting activity for that situation where you died and you can only start a new shooting situation after 15 min.

(2.9) Between your characters, there must not be any interactions. For instance, you are not allowed to transfer or give money between them. Doing this with a middle man is also not allowed, and will lead to a ban.

(2.10) A new life starts when you airlift to Pillbox and subsequently revive after being downed by a lethal weapon. Your character will forget the last 15 minutes (in real-time) and ALL the information/events leading up to your death.

(2.10.1) You cannot return near the location of your death and/or situation for 15 minutes (in real-time). You can NEVER become reinvolved with the situation that led to your death.

(2.11) All forms of gore roleplay are prohibited unless all parties that are involved have a local OOC agreement.

3. Roleplay Rules

Partaking in ANY criminal activity 30 minutes (in real-time) before or after a scheduled restart is considered "Fail-RP". Server restarts are static and unchanging so ANY activity can be properly planned and thus properly conclude.

(3.2) Breaking roleplay in voice or using /me, such as referring to OOC terms, is never allowed. In the event of needing to talk to staff or mention something regarding OOC knowledge, use /report, /looc, /ooc or go to our Discord.

(3.3) When your communication devices have been stripped from you, then all communication is to be made through proximity/direct [voice] chat. Continued use of the radio would be considered Fail-RP.

(3.4) Continuing to roleplay a character that could be of a sensitive nature after being requested to stop is punishable by a ban. A sensitive character could, for example, be Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or another heinous person in history.

(3.5) Baiting is not allowed. Baiting for the sake of a gunfight is not considered roleplay. A few examples of baiting are: doing donuts around the police to provoke a reaction, robbing a gas station only to start a gunfight, and standing on top of somebody’s car without any RP to get a reaction from the owner.

(3.6) Roleplaying as a nude character is not allowed. An exception for this rule is if you are inside the strip club (Vanilla Unicorn).

(3.7) Playing as a sexist character is not tolerated at our servers regardless of how good your roleplay is. Punishment is a permanent ban without appeal.

(3.8) OOC channels should not be used to resolve roleplay situations. This means that you should not use these channels to tell people your location, situation, and you are not allowed to threaten to file reports.

(3.9) The use of /me and /description must be used to enhance roleplay, not replace it.

(3.10) Make sure your name is reasonable and realistic. If your name violates this rule you are forced to choose a new name or staff may choose one for you.

(3.10.1) If someone is AFK You are not allowed to do any RP with them.

No criminal activity inside/outside Pillbox or Police departments. This rule is void if someone attempts to run into Pillbox as a safe haven when they are already in a criminal situation.

(3.11.1)Only MRPD/Sandy PD/Paleto PD will be considered as a Fully Safe Zone Other PD's Still considers safe zone but you cant Drag other ongoing situations to other PDs (This only applies to Criminals and civilians, not PD)

(3.12) If EMS are on duty and you fail to use the service by bringing someone to pillbox yourself, this is considered 'Fail-RP’ as you are removing EMS roleplay. The exception to this is if you get no response from EMS after 3 minutes.

(3.13) With the addition of animal PEDs, we do not want to be seeing conversations being made from them. For example "/me let's go down the road for a bite to eat" is not allowed. You are an animal and as such, you cannot communicate with humans. This being said, there is no issue with animals communicating between one another using /me with sounds. Humans cannot understand of course.

(3.14) The trunk system is set to allow only one individual in it. Having more than one person in a trunk is considered exploiting.

(3.15) When you are downed; You cannot communicate with anyone while downed. You are supposed to be hurt and must always speak/act as if you are hurt. If the cause of you being downed is from a non-lethal weapon, ex. Fists, then you may speak. If you are downed by a lethal weapon, guns/knives, then you may not speak or pass any tactical info after a few seconds of being downed.

(3.16) If you decide to put your character into the ICU (intensive care unit) at Pillbox, then your character will be in ICU for a minimum of 24 hours real-time. In order to exit ICU, you must wait until a qualified EMS clears you to leave Pillbox.

(3.17) After an incident where players have sustained fatal injuries and are down if EMS respond and provides 'booster shots for the purpose of allowing them to get into the ambulance for transportation, you are still considered down. You must check-in with Nancy and receive treatment.

(3.18) You may not use things like the cocaine plane, or uses the gun-running computer unless you are a member of a whitelisted gang (apply here). Doing so will result in a strike/ban.

(3.19) If you have been the victim of a rule breaker and the situation has been dealt with by a member of staff, you do not start a new life.

(3.20) You are not allowed to steal emergency vehicles unless you managed to obtain one via a roleplay scenario. This does not include holding up EMS or PD workers in order to gain the vehicle without prior roleplay behind it.

(3.21) Doing Erotic Roleplay Publicly not allowed.

4. Criminal Roleplay

When kidnapping, mugging, and/or executing someone you must provide high-quality roleplay. There must be a logical and good reason for it to take place. Camping locations to perform these acts is considered “Fail-RP”.

(4.1.1) When kidnapping someone to use as a hostage, you are not allowed to use your friends, gang members, or police negotiators. Hostages must be players that have no idea what you are planning.

(4.2) When mugging someone or something, you may not pocket wipe them and you may only take items of critical roleplay importance, out of their current player inventory or vehicle inventory. This includes but is not limited to: weapons, ammo, and armor. Mugging someone with the intention of maximizing monetary gain is not considered quality roleplay.
Before you rob someone, ask yourself: "Why am I robbing this individual, and how does this progress my story?"

(4.2.1) You cannot request bank transfers or force someone to sell their car(s) to you, nor are you allowed to take items from someone’s apartment(s) or vehicles that are not withdrawn from the garage.

(4.3) Whenever partaking in ANY criminal activities, you can have a maximum of 4 people involved in a criminal situation. If your application to become a whitelisted gang is accepted (apply here), you can have a maximum of 6 people involved in a criminal situation only in gang activity if it's not a gang situation only 4 people are allowed. If someone goes down, they are still involved in the situation.

(4.4) Prison Transports may consist of four (4); [Whitelisted Gangs six (6)] members. Prison breaks are to take place while the prisoner is being transported from Mission Row to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Initiation begins when the Prison Transport has merged onto the highway. This does not mean to “mag dump” the transport but to strategically stop the convoy and recover the prisoner(s). Once the prisoner(s) is brought to the gate of the prison, the transport is over.

(4.5) You cannot initiate fights at and/or inside the prison.

Note:- Make Sure to Read the Rules on Discord Too Click Here.
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